Typography on the web

16 November 2009

Great article from idsgn which discusses the past, present, and hopeful future of typography on the web.

Jess Atkinson

16 November 2009

I’m loving the work of Jess Atkinson, a recent grad from York University & Sheridan College in Toronto. This is her new portfolio site and it has some real gems, especially the series Buddies and Bullies – go see.


13 November 2009

Matte is a “lifestyle communications boutique” out of the Netherlands. Beautiful work, thanks for the email.

Rasmus Emanuel Svensson

13 November 2009

Rasmus Svensson recently updated.

Angel Sanz

10 November 2009

Angel Sanz from Barcelona recently updated his site. Thanks for the email.


05 November 2009

CCRZ is a studio based in Switzerland and Italy. They have a vast range of work from book design to identity, web, and environmental; all with that unmistakable Swiss design sensibility. Thanks for the email.

Hype For Type v.2

05 November 2009

Version 2 is out with a whole new batch of slick fonts.


03 November 2009

Gorgeously photographed birds by Andrew Zuckerman for his new book, Bird.


02 November 2009

New website from Snasen out of Norway. Via Grafikcache.

Jennifer Savignon

02 November 2009

Jennifer Savignon Design Graphique.