Rafael Bessa

02 December 2009

Rafael Bessa got in touch from Brazil. Thanks for the email.

Antti Uotila

30 November 2009

Antti Uotila updates. Thanks for the note.

Alex Witjas

27 November 2009

Alex Witjas got in touch with us from Brooklyn, NY. She’s a recent grad from Pratt Institute with a pretty fresh collection of work, thanks for the email.


27 November 2009

Balsamstudio is a small design firm based in Krakow, Poland. I especially like the clean web interface with arrow nav.


27 November 2009

Pandayoghurt updates with some new work.

Sean Alexander

23 November 2009

Sean Alexander is an artist living in Washington State. He has some new art up on his Flickr page – all of which is worth checking out.

Monsieur Cabinet

23 November 2009

Beautiful Drains by David Thompson. Emphasizing the natural beauty in the mundane.

Simone C. Niquille

20 November 2009

Simone Niquille is a Swiss designer studying at RISD.

Typography on the web

16 November 2009

Great article from idsgn which discusses the past, present, and hopeful future of typography on the web.

Jess Atkinson

16 November 2009

I’m loving the work of Jess Atkinson, a recent grad from York University & Sheridan College in Toronto. This is her new portfolio site and it has some real gems, especially the series Buddies and Bullies – go see.