Kelsey Dake

05 January 2010

Kelsey Dake got in touch from L.A. – she’s an illustration student (soon to be graduate) from Art Center College of Design. Thanks for the link.

I’m a fan of Mat Maitland’s work, previously mentioned on TSA. He’s best known for his award winning music Design and Art Direction as part of Big Active. This is his latest work for the December/January issue of l’Officiel Paris, a popular French fashion magazine.

Laura McCafferty

29 December 2009

Great illustrative style and subject matter from Laura McCafferty. Thanks for the tip John.

Typographic Playing Cards

28 December 2009

Had this little gem sitting in our inbox for a few days, which I’m just now uncovering. Jim Sutherland, from Hat-trick Design, has designed a set of typographic playing cards. It was a personal project with the basic guidelines being: design a full set of playing cards (52 + jokers and a cover) using no repeated typefaces and no alteration of typefaces – which, in his words, “made it hard but very rewarding. It was like solving 54 micro design problems.”

All 54 cards fit conveniently on a B1 sheet of paper, therefore making it ideal for printing a poster (shown above – top). If you are interested in getting your hands on either the cards or the poster you can reach them at allison [at]

▲N D R É ▲ Z E V E D O

28 December 2009

Nice mixed media art from André Azevedo – Brazil.

Jessica Hische

08 December 2009

There’s some stunning typography on Jessica Hische’s new site. Via swissmiss.

Really love this new spot for Jack Daniel’s, created by Brand New School. This is the 1st in a 3 part campaign. Via Motionographer.


03 December 2009

Jeffrey Bowman updates.

Kimm Whiskie

02 December 2009

Nice set of photos from Kimm Whiskie. The site has a modest number of photos, grouped into sets, accompanied by soothing tones… quite relaxing.

Fur Covered Classic

02 December 2009

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers, Fur-covered Edition.