13 February 2010

Jeffrey Meyer sent over a link to his vast collection of collage art.

Véronique Pêcheux from Paris.

Here I Go

09 February 2010

Here I Go is Alberto Hernández, a Spanish designer working in London.


09 February 2010

Kee from London. Thanks for the email.

New Hire

09 February 2010

New addition to the ever-expanding TSA team: Rob Schellenberg. Welcome Rob.


08 February 2010

Gorgeous work sent in from the new Sydney-based design studio Toben, run by Katja Hartung & Thorsten Kulp.

PNTS updates

08 February 2010

PNTS, out of Grenoble, France, updates.

Elena Viltovskaia

06 February 2010

Illustrations sent in from Elena Viltovskaia, Toronto.

Romain Lenancker

03 February 2010

Romain Lenancker from France updates.

Drew Beckmeyer

03 February 2010

Drew Beckmeyer out of Santa Monica, California. Thanks for the email.