Didier Blondeau

05 April 2010

Didier Blondeau from Marseille France sent in some of his surreal black and white drawings.

MTV Móvel

05 April 2010

“MTV Móvel” for MTV Brasil by Animatório. Thanks for the email.

Nikki Graziano

01 April 2010

Nikki Graziano will be graduating this fall from Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in photographic illustration and a minor in mathematics. The work on her site is a clever marriage of both.

The Romanian Visual Survey is back with a 2009 roundup of 49 Romanian visual artists.

Bedow Creative

30 March 2010

Gorgeous work from Bedow out of Stockholm. They sent along one of their latest projects for the identity, naming and store concept for Eat! Ekoaffären—Swedens largest organic grocery store (bottom image).


30 March 2010

Santiago Alonso wrote in to tell us about a project he’s involved in called AKA, a Montevideo-based online magazine centered on visual arts.


28 March 2010

Gabriel Pulecio recently created these two new works, up on his flickr. The second image is “unfinished,” but quite nice as is.

Zoot Allure

28 March 2010

Emily Alston, aka Emily Forgot, has some pretty stunning work. Most recently she produced a few window displays for Selfridges in London, entitled Zoot Allure.

Anton Jeludkov

26 March 2010

Anton Jeludkov from Toronto.


25 March 2010

Polaar is Tallinn based graphic designers Kadri-Maria Mitt and Robi Jõeleht.