Fendy Ibrahim

26 April 2010

Fendy Ibrahim is a 2nd year visual communications major currently at Nanyang Tech in Singapore.

Jeremy Mason

26 April 2010

Jeremy Mason sent in some of his recent work done on wood panels.

Calling on Students

21 April 2010

As end of term approaches for many students out there, and since we tend to get a lot of student submissions, we thought we would curate a section here on TSA dedicated to upcoming graduates. If you are graduating soon and would like your work to be featured, please send us your name, school, url, graduation date, and a short bio about yourself. Needless to say, you must be in some creative field to apply, but this could extend to writing, performance, or other types of art you think would be an appropriate fit for TSA.

Please send entries to hello [at] thestrangeattractor.net

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Andrea Wan interview

21 April 2010

Hearty Magazine just released their brand new cover and Featured Artist interview with Andrea Wan. Worth the read.

Stepan Prokop

21 April 2010

Stepan Prokop got in touch with us from the Czech Republic.

David Silvosa

12 April 2010

Beautiful work sent in from David Silvosa.

Daryll Peirce

12 April 2010

Daryll Peirce out of Oakland, California.

Tom Pollard

07 April 2010

Nice work sent in from Tom Pollard who just launched his new site.

Tal Brosh

07 April 2010

Tal Brosh is a recent grad from LCC in London.

Andrew Tomlinson

06 April 2010

Andrew Tomlinson is an illustrator and Animator from the UK.