Neil Watson

28 May 2010

Neil Watson has a nice mix of raw illustration and fine-tuned design. Thanks for the email.


28 May 2010

Beautiful minimal design from Japanese group sosososo.

Sarah Mcgreevy

28 May 2010

Sarah Mcgreevy sent in some work from the Pacific Northwest.

Zero Milk

17 May 2010

Sebastian Tudor is a designer based in Bucharest.


17 May 2010

Martin Donnelly updates.

Ivan C.

13 May 2010

Ivan C. is a visual artist from Mexico. Thanks for the email.

Trust In Elements

13 May 2010

Xavier Bourdil updates.

Sara Berks

13 May 2010

Sara Berks updates with some fresh new work.


11 May 2010

Ashwin Patel is a designer from London.

Paul Blow

06 May 2010

Paul Blow launches his new site.