Brian Eno‘s new record drops Nov 2, and with it, this gorgeous limited edition box set. Design, art direction & photography by Nick Robertson (website unknown). Available for pre-order from Bleep.

fg branddesign

23 August 2010

fg branddesign is a small studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m digging their work for Avantgarde Acoustic, shown above.

Tatiana Plakhova

23 August 2010

New illustrations by Tatiana Plakhova from Moscow. If you haven’t seen her work you might want to check out some of her other projects, including complexity graphics.

Kate Peters

19 August 2010

Photography from Kate Peters, UK.

Deconstruction Records

19 August 2010

I’m loving this site design for Deconstruction Records by Kleber out of the UK. The site is based from their new identity by Farrow. Via Visuelle.

William Ricketts

17 August 2010

Will Ricketts from the UK puts up a new site.

Brittny Badger wrote in with some really nice design, illustration, and disassembled household appliance art. These photos are from her “senior thesis project at the hartford art school this past year…i took apart used cooking/cleaning appliances, and arranged their interior parts very systematically on a white sheet of bristol board. my intention was to explore the hidden “brains” of these appliances; allowing us to view these everyday objects from a new perspective.”


16 August 2010

Visualism is a multi-disc studio based out of Hamburg, Germany. They just launched their new site.

New from Brand New School

16 August 2010

Brand New School‘s recent ‘brand expansion’ for Cartoon Network. The main facets of the project included a new logo, a complete visual identity system, and a broadcast package with 14 custom on-air IDs. Full list of credits here.

TSA attacked

13 August 2010

You may have noticed, over the last week or so, an “attack site” warning message when trying to visit TSA. We were attacked by a hack that’s been plaquing the WordPress community. Luckily it did no harm and we’ve fully removed the malware from our site. The message might take another day or two to be removed from Google’s system, at which time we’ll be resuming normal posting.