27 January 2011

Grandpeople from Norway updates. Thanks for the note.


25 January 2011

SRCP is the work of UK-based, Sam Renwick.

Made By Sawdust

25 January 2011

Sawdust recently updated. Thanks for the email.

Pete Rossi

21 January 2011

Pete Rossi is a designer from Glasgow, working at El Studio. Thanks for the email.

The Colour Clock

21 January 2011

The Colour Clock is a screensaver which represents time as a hexadecimal color value. Sent to us by Jack Hughes.

Bráulio Amado

20 January 2011

Bráulio Amado is an illustrator/designer from Portugal. Thanks for the submit.

Captured: Greg White

19 January 2011

  • BAR3553-R2-007-2
  • BAR3553-R2-008-2A
  • BAR3553-R2-001-00
  • BAR3553-R2-004-0A
  • BAR3553-R1-030-13A
  • BAR3553-R1-045-21
  • BAR3553-R1-047-22
  • BAR3553-R2-022-9A
  • BAR3553-R2-016-6A
  • BAR3553-R2-024-10A
  • BAR3553-R2-026-11A
  • BAR3553-R2-034-15A
  • BAR3553-R2-041-19
  • BAR3553-R2-046-21A
  • BAR3553-R1-020-8A
  • BAR3553-R1-026-11A
  • BAR3553-R1-022-9A
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Welcome to the second installment of our Captured photo journal series. This time around we’ve teamed up with the brilliant Greg White. I was eager to see what Greg would shoot for this, as the results tend to be fairly raw (as you can see) and Greg’s style is ultra clean and futuristic. For this series we sent Greg a Diana+ Mini.

Thoughts from Greg:

When I received the Diana Mini camera I was surprised at the size and feel of it. I decided to take it with me on a job to Svalbard, Norway. It was great fun shooting a few frames with this camera after using much more technical cameras. However it feels a bit like a toy so I had a few odd looks from passers by when they saw what I was holding up to my eye! The limited options on the camera mean that you are never quite sure of what you are going to get and for me especially, I like to have control over what I am shooting, so this camera seemed somewhat strange. But having seen the results I’m pleasantly surprised and sense that this is what lomography is all about, the fun of inaccuracy, that feeling of not knowing, the anticipation, relief and surprise when the film returns from the lab as well as the added bonuses of happy mistakes!

The feel and look of the images that I shot are really interesting and the cameras tendency to overlap frames and leak light really adds another dimension to the images. It’s almost like having some nice postproduction work done in camera!! I’ll definitely be taking it with me on more occasions to grab shots, especially if they turn out with this aesthetic or something else, who knows?

Special thanks to Lomo for providing the camera and film. Also to Ritz Camera for the processing.

Shiny new TSA

19 January 2011

Welcome to the all new TSA. We’re really excited to finally unveil what we’ve been up to over the past six weeks. Along with a design update, we’ve added some functionality and features. Here’s what’s new…

For a quick visual overview of posts, we’ve added the Grid. To switch between the Grid view and List view, toggle the icons in the top right of the site.

We’ve redesigned our Bookshelf and added a few new publications. We’re looking forward to building this feature and are currently accepting submissions.

Mailing List
For occasional TSA updates and news, please join the new Mailing List—located in the right column.

We’re continuing our artist photo journal series under the new name, Captured. Later today I’ll be posting the latest in this series featuring the talented Greg White. Stay tuned.

Creative Resources
In the right column we’ve implemented a series of dropdowns compiling some Creative Resources. You can also ‘view all’ by clicking the Resources link in the top right of the site. This list is ongoing and far from complete, submissions are very welcomed.

Thanks for everyone’s support and emails over the last several months. We’re looking forward to growing even more in 2011, with some cool new projects in the works.

Gabriel Andermatt

15 September 2010

Gabriel Andermatt from Zoug, Switzerland recently launched his site.


15 September 2010

Detail Design Studio updates with some new work out of Dublin, Ireland.