Design leftovers

10 March 2011

A section dedicated to scrapped work. Triboro Leftovers.

Sr. Mistu is a new hand-drawn iPhone app from illustrator Cinta Vidal and Marc Sallent. It’s the story of a blind man and his guide dog who don’t have olives for their pizza so they travel around the world to find them.


08 March 2011

Beautiful work from MusaWorkLab studio out of Lisboa, Portugal. Thanks for the email.

Laura Guarie

08 March 2011

Laura Guarie is a design student from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks for the email.

Tina Hillier

04 March 2011

Tina Hillier updates with some beautiful new photos.


04 March 2011

Motstudio from Barcelona adds some new work.

Tanya Johnston

02 March 2011

Tanya Johnston is a Montreal based designer/illustrator. Thanks for the email.

Éditions 205

25 February 2011

Stumbled on this very cool publisher/font bureau (of sorts) from France, called Éditions 205. It took some effort to dissect who’s behind this, but after a little digging around sources point to Damien Gautier and likely a few other writers/designers. The books they create are beautiful; keep an eye out for one or two being added to our Bookshelf.

Mark Gowing

25 February 2011

Mark Gowing Design out of Sydney, Australia sent us their newly designed site.


23 February 2011

atipo from Spain just launched a new site. Thanks for the email.