Bureau Bruneau

08 June 2011

Ludvig Bruneau Rossow is a designer from Norway. He sent us one of his recent identity projects (above) for Lavafilm, a film company based in Oslo, Norway. Not surprisingly, Ludvig is currently interning at Sagmeister Inc – I’m sure we’ll be seeing him around.

TSA Celebrating Three Years
18 in x 24 in
3 color screen print
Limited run of 75


We recently crossed the three year mark as a blog and decided to do a little something to celebrate… so we commissioned the very talented Sonnenzimmer to create a poster for us. We challenged them to design around the largely abstract concept of a strange attractor, and left it at that, giving them full creative reign over the design. The result is this beautiful 3-color screen print, which we’re offering up on the site as a limited edition.

When we picked up the prints at the Sonnenzimmer studio here in Chicago, Nick and Nadine gave us a grand tour of their incredible space and went into a bit of detail about the process of creating the poster for us. We were blown away with all the hard work and thought put into the piece and wanted to share some of it here with its release. Below is a short write-up they sent over along with a couple photos from the process.

Thanks again N&N, can’t wait to work with you in the future.


Nadine and I have made many posters for tons of different organizations; cultural institutions, universities, punk bands, even the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. That said, In our six year history, we have never been commissioned to make a poster for a blog. Maybe it’s the sign of the times, or maybe it was just good fit. Either way, this was a total welcomed surprise. Historically, posters have documented cultural events and happenings. So, having this opportunity was a very contemporary way in doing something very historical – if we may say that. We were psyched to create a poster for The Strange Attractor’s third year anniversary as we both have followed the blog over the years, but also honored that they would go on this journey with us through the commission.

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Fabio Ongarato Design

31 May 2011

Fabio Ongarato Design out of Richmond, Australia.

Rejane Dal Bello

26 May 2011

Rejane Dal Bello is a senior designer at Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands.

GMUNK relaunch

22 May 2011

Bradley G Munkowitz, AKA Gmunk, has reemerged after spending all of 2010 directing a small team of motion designers to concept/design/execute 12 minutes of holographic content for TRON: Legacy. His work never fails to amaze, and the new site is chock-full.

Euthanasia Coaster

22 May 2011

Euthanasia Coaster” is a hypothetic euthanasia machine in the form of a roller coaster, engineered to humanely – with elegance and euphoria – take the life of a human being. Riding the coaster’s track, the rider is subjected to a series of intensive motion elements that induce various unique experiences: from euphoria to thrill, and from tunnel vision to loss of consciousness, and, eventually, death.

Design, engineering: Julijonas Urbonas
Health issues: Dr. Michael Gresty, Spatial Disorientation Lab, Imperial College, London
Model making: Paulius Vitkauskas
Photography: Aistė Valiūtė and Daumantas Plechavičius

Lisa Hedge

16 May 2011

Lisa Hedge recently launched her new site.

Neche Collection

12 May 2011

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, founder of winterbureau here in Chicago, recently started a new side project called Neche Collection.

In her words…

Neche Collection visually documents materials collected by my grandfather Neche Eugenio Hadad. A Cuban Exile of Lebanese descent, accountant, collector and sometimes thief. I acquired many of his belongings. I created this project to be both an archive and a source of continued inspiration.

The project consists of a daily photo post from the collection and each week I create and print a limited edition screen print inspired by one or more of the objects feature in the collection that week.

work.place is a site by photographer Carlie Armstrong, which showcases artist workspaces in Portland, OR. Each profile has a nice write-up and a string of beautifully composed photos. The site is updated regularly as well, go see.

New contributor

09 May 2011

Today we welcome GIna Rossi to the TSA contributor list. She’s a good friend and fellow artist, bringing with her an extensive background in fashion and fine art. Welcome miss gg.